1. That Alister mcgowan wis miserable looking prick on account of being as funny as gang rape fuckin hate that guy talentless prick

  2. they didn't laugh because they were still trying to understand the line before last . and they were mesmerized by SLP's third leg.

  3. I'm English, Tom Jones (Welsh) and Alistair McGowan (English) looked totally pissed off because they were outclassed by Barry Humphries. Jealousy springs to mind. You are a legend. No one makes me laugh so much – except Laurel and Hardy. Martine McCutcheon is hilarious as was Jacki Weaver in a previous interview with Parky. That was so funny.

  4. Les for Prime Minister! He'd outshine the miserable bastards we've had on parade the last 4-5 elections!

  5. fucking priceless,been trying to find the clip where sir les sets the arab on fire farting

  6. Barry has 10 times more wit than the miserable Numpty Alastair McGowan on the edge of the stage.

  7. Apparently Tom Jones has a very similar relationship with his wife as Sir Les has with his

    This may account for his seeming discomfort

  8. I can't believe it's a comedIan… and an Australian. At least he's a conservative (very), unlike most actors.

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