How To Make the Perfect Roast Beef Dinner – Gordon Ramsay

There’s laughter, tears, and even homemade Yorkshire puddings as Gordon teaches Martine McCutcheon how to make a delicious roast beef dinner form scratch.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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  1. Roast dinner to me is always beef – that's what we had in the 50/60s, chicken and turkey was expensive back then as poultry production was very limited at that time..

  2. Watched this again for the cheek, chin, forehead test. Ramsay is a great cooking coach. Very practical and down-to-earth when he's teaching.

  3. A lot of things skipped. When did they cook the carrots and cabbage?! This needs a recipe!

  4. What kind of cut of mest i know its beef but how do i ask it from my butcher

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