Martine McCutcheon – You, Me & Us

Martine McCutcheon - You, Me & Us

This is my first video that I’ve made, please comment and rate 🙂 if this one gets good reviews then I’ll make another one and spend more time on it
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  1. Hurts to listen to this, too beautiful to not … amazing lyrics, mist beautiful lyrics I've ever heard.. ❤

  2. I love this is song so much and Martine McCutchoen is such amazing actress.

  3. beautiful song this song was playing when lost my second baby ok I was about 7 weeks and 12 weeks other helped me though very sad times

  4. I remember owning this album – played it to death.

  5. Martine your are STAR of Love Actually i think   i just buy your 3 albums  on itunes i love your music videos too, love from calgary canada  yes you had me at Hello

  6. Hi thanks for uploading this- I think Miss McCutcheon is a real character xxxx

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