1. My top pop ballad of all time. I don't think it'll be beat. I still can't pin down the structure, because I keep getting lost in the song…

  2. You thought it was crap growing up but look back on it more fondly now. How queer!

  3. Loved her in eastenders when she was gone I'll never watch eastenders again

  4. All I can think of when I hear this song is that Bo Selecta scene of this….haha

  5. the lovely Karen 20 years ago now like it never happens , motorway tyres plaistow

  6. this was played at my nieces best friends funeral passed away 13yrs. lovely but always chilling.
    A great song.

  7. Not my kind of music but I've always fancied Martine and she sings this well I was shocked she could sing tbh nice song lovely girl.

  8. Yes me ,this is my daughters song ,when i was driving away from the hospitlal,thinking this is mty perfect moment ,love ya Megan,xxxx

  9. I came to this after watching the french and Saunders 1998 Xmas special on Netflix. 😂 they do an identical parody of this 😂😂

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